Shopify and Essential Apps In 2021

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Shopify and Essential Apps In 2021 will still be an important SaaS for any dropshipping business. If you are planning to start a dropshipping business, or you ready have one, then you will need to pay close attention to this article.


Table of content:


What is Shopify and how does it work?

What can I sell on Shopify?

Shopify benefits

Shopify weaknesses

Essential Shopify apps

Dropshipping in 2021

Importance of winner product


What is Shopify and how does it work?


Shopify is a shopping cart cloud-based Saas solution that allows businesses to set up an online store and sell their products locally or globally. Shopify is primarily used as a basic dropshipping platform that allows you to grow your e-commerce business and sell products. If you are wondering what SaaS / SaaS is short for “Software As a Service” Software as a service (or SaaS) is a way of delivering applications over the Internet – as a service. Instead of installing and maintaining software, you access it over the Internet, freeing yourself from the complex management of software and hardware.

You can learn more about Shopify here.

Shopify offers you more pricing plans and is suitable for Start-up companies and large companies that can benefit greatly from using this platform.


One of the basic benefits of this platform is reflected in the ease of use and integration with various applications that help you run your e-commerce dropshipping business. It is easy to use, and with a little patience and dedication, anyone can master it and start their own business.


There are many free and paid themes to help you present your service or product in the best way. When you start your business, it may still be best to use free themes to get acquainted with the platform itself. However, after a while, it is a smart step to start using a paid theme because it is the paid theme that provides you with many benefits. What is also very commendable about the Shopify platform is their support that is available to you 24/7! If you have any doubts, you can contact their support and get answers to all your questions.


What can I sell on Shopify?


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Shopify offers you the ability to sell almost anything. The only exceptions may be illegal items for which it is otherwise logical to expect that they will not be approved (weapons, narcotics, etc.). Putting that aside, it’s up to you to choose your business model, and that’s basically it. You can start your own business. Before that, it is necessary to set several technical parameters in place, such as payment processors’ choice, clearly defining shipping, adding a contact page, about us page, terms of the policy, privacy policy, and the like. In essence, it is a way to gain your potential consumers’ trust by providing them with a safe shopping experience.


The products themselves can be dropshipping products and your personal products if you are engaged in some production. More and more start-up companies are using Shopify for this very reason. Shopify offers you ready-made themes that are easy to install, you do not need to know programming languages ​​to enable your online store, but you can fully enable and launch your store in just a few steps.


When we talk about the combination of Shopify and dropshipping, we must mention the positive and negative sides.


Shopify benefits


The benefits of using a Shopify platform for your dropshipping business are numerous. As already mentioned, you do not need to know programming languages, the platform is easy to maintain and safe to use, plugins solve most potential problems on the website, and many topics you can use to create your online store. Another positive aspect of using the Shopify platform is the top support available to you 24/7. If you ever have any problems when creating your online store or during the business itself, you can always contact the Shopify expert team and get answers to all your questions.


Let’s now take a look at each advantage of using the Shopify platform.


  • Knowledge of programming languages:

    It’s really amazing that there is a platform on which you can create an online store in an unrealistically short period of time and all that without knowing the coding, but that’s the way it is. The Shopify team has made an effort to make its services accessible to everyone and customize its user interface for complete amateurs. It’s a good idea to know HTML and CSS programming languages, but it’s not necessary. In any case, if you know how to code, then you can upgrade your website in even more detail and make it even more beautiful. Backend Shopify stores are done so that you can do everything with a click, and each option tells you almost what you need to do to achieve a positive result.


  • Easy to maintain and safe to use:

    Here, I would like to mention that in less than 5 minutes, you can have a leased domain with a Shopify account, which is SSL certified. In general, setting up an SSL certificate is difficult to implement on sites other than Shopify. For example, if you use WordPress, you have to find the hosting yourself, choose a domain, enable receiving and sending email accounts, and install SSL certificates (and much more). Platforms, this is not the case.


  • Shopify themes:

    When you start a business, you need to think about everything, and one of the most important things is how your online store will look. It is important how you present your brand in a digital environment because it is difficult to keep today’s consumers’ attention. Shopify allows you to choose the most modern topics at relatively affordable prices. So you have themes from $ 50 all the way up to $ 400 and up. Of course, the more expensive the topic, the more opportunities you have to beautify your website and improve it in different ways. The visual representation of products and services is essential. The way you explain your business can bring you sales or repel potential consumers.


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Shopify weaknesses


The disadvantages of using the Shopify platform are reflected in the limited use and price. When we mention the limitation of use, we mostly mean themes. Once you buy a particular Shopify theme, you cannot upgrade it; you may even upgrade it, but you need advanced programming knowledge, which is generally not the case with most people. Also, prices are a problem. Shopify is charged monthly, but not only that, but it also takes you a certain percentage of each sale. 


Although 2-3% on every sale doesn’t work out much, consider what that percentage is per 1000 sales, or on an annual basis. I’m sure you could invest that money smarter in the business. In any case, if you have no choice, then you have nothing left. Because of these factors, platforms like WordPress are very affordable and efficient. With WordPress, you do not have monthly and annual maintenance. Still, you need to know programming languages ​​such as PHP, CSS, HTML, and other programming languages to enable your online store successfully.


Essential Shopify apps




Shopify is a platform that depends on the use of applications. Without apps, you can’t thrive and work on this platform. This is also one of the disadvantages of this platform, but the applications also allow us to advance in the dropshipping business, which is also of great importance.

A few apps we would single out are:


Oberlo and Dsers


Oberlo and Dsers are essentially identical applications that offer you the ability to connect your Shopify store with suppliers who store products and deliver them to customers after you receive orders. It is important to know that you can sell products anywhere globally, while you can sell the products themselves in almost all countries. Both apps offer the same services, so it’s up to you to decide which app to trust. After a short installation, you need to connect to your account on Aliexpress, and then after a short setup, the product entry can begin. Everything is fully automated, so it is important to mention that. When you are just starting your dropshipping journey, you must address such serious platforms.


Sales Pop


Sales Pop is a pop-up notification system. Sales pop creates social proof because they convince the customer that people are buying from your store. Be sure to limit the number of pop-ups you use in your store, and not only that, but it is advisable to eliminate other forms of pop up so as not to turn away potential customers with an overly aggressive approach. When we talk about dropshipping, it is necessary to pay a lot of attention to all the details, so you must have sales pop installed because it can increase your sales by over 30%.


Product Reviews


Social Proof is extremely important in the dropshipping business, and this app offers you just that. You must have found yourself in a situation where you trust the online store, which has 5 stars on products and quality reviews. This is true for all of us, and if you want to deal with dropshipping, you need to pay a lot of attention to creating a social pro. This app offers you just that.


Multi-Currency Auto Switcher


Very powerful application. This application detects your potential customer’s IP address and automatically converts your products’ prices into the corresponding local currencies. This is an essential thing because it facilitates the buying process for potential consumers. You must keep the user experience at an enviable level, and with this application, you will achieve just that. Your consumers will easily know the price of a particular product in the local currency.


Dropshipping in 2021


Although many are afraid of the uncertainty brought by the situation surrounding us all, one thing is certain. The e-commerce business will grow like never before in 2021. This is exactly the reason to consider starting a dropshipping business. Just think, the world has experienced a global lock in 2020. The movement was maximally denied, and all events were moved to a virtual environment or the Internet. The whole world is conditionally moving to the internet, and you need to follow the flow to progress. Dropshipping and all other online businesses will flourish in 2021, probably not only in it but also in the years to come. It takes years for things to return to normal and for everything to be as it once was. Make the most of the new situation. Keep up with the changes and give the dropshipping business a chance. Companies like Amazon made indescribably big profits in 2020, and for one reason only. Their business takes place exclusively on the net. A problem-solution philosophy guides many who deal with e-commerce. That is, all of them at their core focus on solving certain problems that potential consumers have. It doesn’t have to be a serious and big problem, but it can be a problem from everyday life, such as disinfecting the phone—a simple solution to offer consumers devices designed just for that.


Importance of winner product


And at the very end, we want to draw your attention to another thing, which is the importance of finding a winning dropshipping product. This is one of the most important things you have to fight for when talking about a dropshipping business. Anyone involved in e-commerce or dropshipping knows how difficult it is to devise a sales strategy, choose products to sell, create a site and social media accounts, and create advertising strategies. All this requires a lot of work, emotions, and finances, but it is worth it at the end of the day. When you find the first winning product, it will be clear why the dropshipping model is so attractive. Although there is a chance that you will fail, there is also a chance that you will succeed. This is what guides us all both through life and the dropshipping business.

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