Are dropshipping courses worth it? Dropshipping 101

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You have probably wondered many times so far whether dropshipping courses are the right step for your online business and which dropshipping course to choose from all those around us at the moment? In short, a dropshipping course can be your smartest investment in life or a serious failure that can only hinder you in your efforts to start an online business. To do the right thing and choose the right course, we are here to draw your attention and guide you on what guidelines you need to follow to take the right step.


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Briefly About Dropshipping

Is Investing in a Dropshipping Course a Smart Move?

How to Recognize a Good Dropshipping Course?

Do Dropshipping Courses Have Their Downsides?


Briefly About Dropshipping


Simply put, dropshipping is a special business model that allows you to start an online store without a single product in stock. You ask how? When you start a dropshipping store, you are representing an intermediary who puts products from the suppliers you choose on your own website and sell them. When a consumer orders a product that he/she thinks is yours, you then forward the order to the supplier who sends that product to the address you tell them. It’s up to you to have a nice online shop, keep your products up to date, and promote them through paid ads or properly done SEO optimization.


One of the main reasons many choose to start a dropshipping business is a minimal initial investment. You don’t need a warehouse with dropshipping, so you are never in direct contact with the goods. All you need to do is to fill out the order and send an email to the supplier.


Is Investing in a Dropshipping Course a Smart Move?


Yes, a dropshipping course can potentially be your smartest investment in starting your online business. Why do we think so? The answer is straightforward. With the right dropshipping course, you come to crucial information that is important not to make wrong steps in starting a dropshipping business. Surely some of you think it is possible to learn all about dropshipping without a course, using research, and watching YouTube free tutorials. Yes, it is possible to learn a lot on your own, but ask yourself how long it will take you to do all this, and not only that, it is of great importance from whom you learn! Today, it is easy to fake reviews, likes, and generally successful business stories. If you learn from the wrong people, it can easily happen that you will make some crucial mistakes that will slow you down a lot in starting your dropshipping business. That is why we still believe that investing in a good dropshipping course is a smart move. When you find a trustworthy dropshipping course, you get quality information such as which platform is best to use for your dropshipping online store, your monthly investments, which products to avoid and which to invest in, what are all the steps to take from start to release of a final advertisement. As you can see, there are many questions about dropshipping, which is why it is still wise to opt for a dropshipping course.


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There are too many examples of people who decided to go on research independently and ended up following and learning from mentors who presented themselves as what they really were not. When you start learning things the wrong way, you learn all the steps wrong, and at the end of the day, you put money into the wrong products, advertising campaigns, apps, etc. To avoid this it is important to take the time to find a good and quality dropshipping course. Once you find a quality dropshipping course, you are well on your way to starting one successful online business trip. The goal of a quality dropshipping course is to transfer the knowledge of people who have achieved enviable results in the field of dropshipping business, and you should always think of that while looking for a quality dropshipping course.


How to Recognize a Good Dropshipping Course?


The modern way of life, and above all, the pandemic situation in which we all found ourselves, has contributed to the large number of businesses moving to the online world. This has opened the door to dropshipping to help many people reach significant incomes, start their own businesses, and thrive. Many have succeeded on their own, but not everyone. Dropshipping is not easy, and everyone will tell you that. You need to follow several steps to start your online store from scratch, and not only that but to be able to do business and make a profit.

It is a smart move to do research on dropshipping courses online, to read reviews and comments. Of course, these are not the most important things to check, but it is good to hear other people’s opinions who have attended a particular dropshipping course. After researching other people’s opinions, you need to look at the offer of a particular dropshipping course.


One quality dropshipping course is required to include:


  • online platforms that you will use to start your business

  • best apps and plugins to use

  • how to choose good dropshipping products

  • how to recognize a bad product

  • how to choose a reliable supplier

  • customer support

  • which platforms you will use for advertising


Online platforms that you will use to start your business

A quality dropshipping course must have extensive lessons on online sales platforms such as Shopify and WooCommerce. There are big differences between these two platforms that can help you improve your business. For example, the Shopify platform is adapted for absolute beginners. Everything is set up so that everyone can start their own online store in just a few hours. The downside is that it is not too flexible and is charged $29+ per month. Shopify also takes a certain percentage of sales, and that in the long run can mean thousands and thousands of dollars, and even more. WooCommerce platform, on the other hand, is countless times more flexible, it is free to use, but on the other hand, it requires knowledge of programming languages ​​and is difficult to manage for beginners. Our advice is that if you are starting your dropshipping journey, try Shopify. When you gain some initial profit, try the WooCommerce platform also. 

There are also many more features related to these two online sales platforms, but we will not go into that much detail in this blog post.


Best Apps and Plugins to Use

Even if we are talking about Shopify, every online store has a large number of applications that help you improve your business. A quality dropshipping course needs to have detailed explanations of some of the most important applications you need to have installed to improve your business. From the automatic import of products into your online store through upsell applications, newsletter forms, and much more. There are thousands of apps, but not all of them will help you improve your online store. There are cases that during the installation of unreliable applications, online stores have suffered a major breakdown. Although these are rare cases, you would certainly not like this to happen to you. A quality dropshipping course introduces you to all the necessary and safe applications. It shows you all the advantages and disadvantages of these applications down to the smallest detail.


How to Choose Good Dropshipping Products

There are countless products. One of the main tasks of a quality dropshipping course is to show you all the differences between a winning product or a bad product. A quality dropshipping course must aim to introduce a quality way of thinking and ideology. After completing a dropshipping course, you must have a clear picture of how to choose a quality dropshipping product and avoid the risk that bad dropshipping products carry.

Visit our blog post about finding a winning dropshippng product and learn to tell the difference between bad and great dropshipping produce!


How to choose a reliable supplier

Also, one of the essential steps when starting a dropshipping business is finding a reliable supplier. A reliable supplier can mean the difference between a satisfied customer and one who is not. We are talking about the delivery time and the way the products are shipped, whether they are adequately protected, whether they are tested, and how up-to-date the suppliers are. All of these are essential factors that a dropshipping course needs to talk about.


Customer Support

Every customer who visits your online shop will surely have questions related to a particular product or service. To show yourself in the best light and leave a professional impression, you need to have powerful communication skills and know your products as well as possible. A good dropshipping course will improve your communication skills and relationship with the end-user or consumer. When communicating with your customers, you need to show them maximum respect and always be available for all their questions. A satisfied customer is really the ultimate goal of every business, including dropshipping.


Which Platforms Will You Use for Advertising

As a final step, when you have learned everything in one dropshipping course, you will also learn which advertising platforms are best for your type of business and how to take full advantage of digital ads. Premium dropshipping course will show you all the basics and the advanced features of advertising platforms such as Facebook Business Manager or Google Ads.


The promotion of your online store is the final, but according to many, the most important step. If you choose a good dropshipping course that will show you everything you need to know about advertising on social networks and outside them, you are well on your way to having a successful dropshipping business. This is also the most difficult step to master because it requires great dedication and understanding of the audience to which you will direct your ads. You need to know what type of advertising you need to launch for which product, on which continent, what your daily budget will be, whether you are doing CBO campaigns or not. It really takes an understanding of many factors, so this is an essential item that a quality dropshipping course must-have.


Do Dropshipping Courses Have Their Downsides?


Yes, dropshipping courses can have negative sides, but only when you trust people who present themselves as experts, but they really are not. Once you learn the wrong steps in creating an online store, running an online store, choosing products, and creating advertising campaigns, it will be challenging for you to change these bad habits. 


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